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Members Area (protected pages)

Use this tool to create pages that require login

You can use it to create groups and specify which secured pages they can access. Then you add users – with their own individual username and passwords – and assign them to the groups.

Using the Member's Area tool:

1. Set the page's 'Login required' option to "yes"

  • In YWD, go to the page that you want to restrict access to, and edit the page properties. Set the Login required option to "yes".
  • Sub-pages of that page will be automatically restricted, so it's not necessary to edit the sub-pages' properties.

2. Create the user who can access that page

  • Click the Apps button, then select Member's Area / Users.
  • Click the New button and enter the user's information.
  • Click Save.

3. Create a group and assign secured pages to it

  • Add the group of users by clicking the New button in Member's Area / Groups.
  • Assign secured pages to this group using the list boxes.
  • Click Save.

4. Now assign the user to the group

  • In the group details page — which you'll see right after adding the new group, or when you click on the group's name on the the list — click the pencil icon in the Users box.
  • Use the list boxes to assign users to the group.

In the front end, when a user navigates to a secured page, the login form is displayed. Upon successful login, if the user has sufficient privileges the content for the page is displayed. If not the message "Sorry, you do not have sufficient privileges to access this page." is displayed. The user will remain logged in and can navigate to other pages. If they attempt to access a page that they have not been granted permission for, the message is displayed again.

You can use the Members Area Login/Registration tool to place either a login or registration (or both) form in a regular page. This way people can login from any page of the website

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