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Tabs across the top style

This presentation style uses horizontal tabs with the slide names you enter in Tools/ Content slider / Slides as labels.

People click on the tabs in order to switch the content. This style doesn't offer any additional formatting options, and the navigation is always manual.


Flowers and lovers

Flowers and Lovers

Flowers and lovers is certainly one of the more cheerful Marc Chagall paintings. From the bright, vibrant colors, to the red bird flying by, you know this is meant to be a happy scene. Chagall stays true to form with this work, covering the canvas in energetic and inspirational colors that convey a sense of warmth and bliss.

As is common with many Marc Chagall paintings, the image is presented in a somewhat abstract fashion, with a blurred and almost dreamlike perception of reality. 


The Fiddler

The Fiddler

Most Marc Chagall paintings seem to carry a certain fanciful style, and The Fiddler is no exception. With its outdoor setting, floating objects, and vibrant, swirling colors, this painting is classic Chagall.

As noted above, Chagall frequently raises characters up into the sky, as if halfway to heaven, in an attempt to make them appear more important, and perhaps cast them in a more favorable light than the rest of the painting.


Three Candles

The appropriately titled Three Candles is one of those Marc Chagall paintings that really holds your attention when you take a close look at it. Aside from the focal point of the three candles, there are many subtle details to be found in this image, which gives it real lasting appeal.

The young couple appears to be rising up with the angels, which reflects heavily on Chagall’s appreciation of love, and the respect and dignity that he affords it.

You cannot have more than one “Tab” slider on a page and it can't be mixed with other sliders.

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