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Page Redirect

This content blocks allows you to automatically redirect people to another page, either within your website or to an external URL.

Because people will be redirected even before the current page loads, there's no need to add any other content blocks to the page.

Redirecting to an internal page

A redirect to an internal page can be useful in certain navigation situations. For instance, if you're using dropdown menus it's common for visitors to forget to click on a top level page; instead they tend to go straight to its 1st sub-page. So you may place your regular content on the sub-page, and simply add a 'Page redirect' content block to the top level page. This way people will see the content, regardless of whether they've selected the top level page or not.

Redirect - internal

Selecting an internal page to redirect to

Redirecting to an external page

In this case, when people arrive at your page they'll be automatically be taken to an external website. For instance let's say your company has an application that's not part of your regular public website hosted on YWD. But you'd still like to have a link to it on the website's navigation. You can create a page in your YWD website for that, and then add a 'Page redirect' content block to it linking to the external URL. This way, when people click on that link in your website's navigation they'll be taken there.

Make sure you paste the full target URL – including the http:// etc. – of the external page to which you will be redirecting.

Redirect - external

Redirecting to an exteral page

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