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Duplicating pages

Sometimes it’s useful to duplicate a whole page or even a whole section of your website, to use as a starting point for the new pages. That can save you a lot of time, especially if you have the same content blocks appearing on both the original and the copied pages.

To duplicate a page or a page and its children pages:

  • In the YWD back-end, make sure you navigate to the page you’d like to duplicate.
  • Click the Extras button — it’s the last button on the main YWD toolbar — of the block you will be copying from.
  • Select either Duplicate page or Duplicate page and children.
  • Please wait several several seconds while YWD creates the duplicate page(s).

Duplicating a page

The Extras button option

Initially, the copied pages will be identical (even the names) and will be placed immediately below the original ones in the website navigation. You can then start modifying them in any way you want.

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