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Categorizing properties

If you have chosen to use categories in Global settings then you can assign properties to them.

Option A. From a property, assign it to a category

From the list of properties, click a name to get its details. Scroll down and at the bottom you will see a box for 'Assigned categories'. Click the pencil icon and you'll get a form. Move the category(ies) from the left pane to the right pane and click 'Submit'.

Assigning a category to a property

Click the pencil icon either beside 'Assigned catgeories'...
...then move the selected category to the right using the arrow and submit.

Assigning categories to a property



Option B. From a category, assign properties

You can also assign properties to a category coming from the category itself.

Assigning properties to a category

Click the pencil icon beside Assigned Properties...
...then move the selected properties to the right using the arow and submit.

Assigning properties to a category

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