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Links to files

You can easily link to external files like PDFs.

It’s a great way to offer information that they can view offline. Some of the many uses for this feature are:

  • Product information
  • Marketing material or brochures
  • User guides

YWD allows you to upload PDFs, PPTs and many other file formats and then easily link to them, straight from the Word Processor.

1. Upload the asset

In order for you to link to a file, it must have been uploaded first. In this example we'll assume it hasn't, so we'll quickly show you here.

Click the 'Assets' button in the main YWD toolbar to launch the 'YWD Assets Manager'.

We'll be uploading a PDF file and then linking to it in this example. So select 'PDF', click the 'Choose Files' button, locate the file(s) then click 'Upload Files'. Close the Assets Manager, and edit the Word Processor content block where you'd like to place a link to this file.


2. Highlight the text and click the
'Insert/Edit Link' icon

With your Word Processor content block selected, select the text that you want to make into a link and click the 'Insert/Edit Link' icon, located in the Word Processor's toolbar.

3. Choose the file to link to

The Link pop up window appears on top of the work space. Click the 'Browse Server' button.

In the Asset Browser pop up window that opens, select the type of file from the 'Asset Type' pull-down list. In this case, we'll be linking to a 'PDF' from the 'Asset Type' pull-down list.

Choose the file you would like to link to. Click the 'Submit' button.

You may also want to to have the link behave in such a way that when people click on it the linked file opens in a separate browser window. Click the 'Target' tab, and change the 'Target' to "New Window (_blank)'. Now click the 'OK' button.

4. Don't forget to Save your changes
to the content block!

The highlighted text is now underlined in the Word Processor, indicating it is linked. Unless you are making other changes to that content block, you may now click the 'Save' button to save your changes and close this content block for editing.

Previewing the page

FYI: when you're editing content in the Word Processor, it will not look exactly like it does in the actual page. That's because many design settings cannot be applied to text when you're editing it in the Word Processor. To see the real page with all its design settings applied to it, preview it.

When visitors to your website click on the link you've created, the browser will open the PDF. Please note that depending on the web browser and operating system, the PDF may either open directly or the user be prompted for some action first (the illustration below corresponds to Firefox running on Mac OS.)


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