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Linking from images

Linking from an image is quite similar to linking from text.

1. Click the image to select it
and then the 'Insert/Edit Link' icon

With your Word Processor content block selected, click the image to select it (handles will appear) and then click the 'Insert/Edit Link' icon, located in the Word Processor's toolbar. 

2. Choose the page to link to

The Link pop up window appears on top of the work space. In this example we'll be linking this image to another page of the same website, so click the 'Browse Server' button. It allows you to specify which element of your website you will be linking to.

The Word Processor indicates that the image is now linked.

Normally an image that's linked will display a border around it in the actual website. That's the default in HTML. But you can easily change that. Click the image to select it, and then the 'Insert/Edit Image' icon

In the Image Properties dialog box, type 0 in the 'Border' field, then click the 'OK' button.

3. Don't forget to Save your changes
to the content block!

Unless you are making other changes to that content block, you may now click the 'Save' button to save your changes and close this content block for editing.


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