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Using link arguments to hide page elements

Sometimes it may be useful to hide parts of a page. For instance, you may have a link in the text that will launch another page of your website inside a popup window or a Lightbox. But in that popup you'd rather not show the navigation or the footer for that page (which otherwise is a regular page of your website.)

One way to do it is by editing the Page properties and hiding specific elements of the page using the Special tab. However, you may want to preserve those elements of the page when people get to it using the regular navigation, and only hide them when people get to it through a link in the content – when it opens in a popup window, for example.

Another way you can achieve that by is adding some arguments to the URL of the page you're linking to.

These are the arguments we've made available to designers/developers so far:

&nobanner - hides the banner
&noleftnav - hides the left (vertical) navigation
&nonav - hides all types of navigation from the page (top, main, left, bottom)
&nofooter - hides the whole footer area
&nosidetabs – hides floating side tabs on the left and right sides
&maincolblocks - hides the banner, navigation, footer, breadcrumbs, page background and displays only the content blocks in the main column

The arguments can be combined so for instance if you need to hide just the banner and the footer, use &nobanner&nofooter

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