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Blog Users

If you’re the website’s Administrator, you may delegate the task of managing the website’s blog to other people.

This way they can take of the blog(s) without having to access the website's administration.

While regular visitors to the blog can add their comments to an existing entry (depending on your settings for the blog itself) they cannot create new entries or categories. Only Blog Users (after loggin in to the blog through its 'Login' button in the website's front-end) can do so.

When creating blog users, you can either give them 'Full' access to all the website's blogs or 'Limited' access, where you'll assign certain roles on a blog-specific basis.

For users with 'Limited' access, these are the possible roles:

  • Admin: has full access to that particular blog. Can add/delete entries, approve pending entries, add/edit/delete categories and descriptions. Edit, approve and delete comments. Administrators can also change the category that an entry appears, disable/allow comments and change the status of an entry (active,draft, archived).
  • Editor: similar to an Administrator except they do not have the ability to approve comments, or entries. Editors can not alter the status of an entry(active, draft, or archived).
  • Contributor: similar to Editors except they do not have the ability to add/edit or delete categories or descriptions.
  • User: can only view the blog if the Blog’s Access is set to “secured”. If comments are enabled, users can add comments.

If a blog is set as public access but is inside the password protected members area, it will only be viewable to website users who have successfully logged in.

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