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Linking to a phone number

You can set up a link in such a way so that when people tap on it on their mobile, the device will place a call to that phone number. To do that:

  • Add/Edit a link from the Word Processor
  • In the Protocol dropdown select <other>
  • In the URL field type the phone number using the format tel:999-999-9999

That’s it.

In the example on the right, for the link to the first telephone number we used tel:416-361-6161 and for the second tel:1-866-986-3464

You may use an image (and not just text) if you want. Simply link the image in the way described above. This way you can have a big button with a phone icon for example, which when tapped will place a call to the phone number specified on the link.

Need to link directly to an extension?

Then append the letter p (to create a pause) and the extension number to the link e.g. tel:999-999-9999p123 to call extension 123 of phone number 999-999-9999.


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