Google Search

If you have a large website, and a few weeks after it has gone live – so Google will already have indexed it – you can provide search capabilities within it by incorporating a Google Search box.

To add Google Search:

1. Obtain your website’s ‘Search engine unique ID’ from Google:

  • Go to the Google Custom Search page and click on the 'Create a Custom Search Engine' button.
  • Give your custom search any name and description you want, and select the language.
  • In 'Sites to Search:' enter your website name e.g.
  • Choose between the 'Standard edition' or 'Site Search'. The former is free but will display Google ads on the search results. The latter is much preferable for a business websites, but costs $100/year and up (payable directly to Google, not YWD).
  • Continue until the custom search is created. Leave the style as 'Default'.
  • Once you're done, click on the link 'basics'. In the 'Basic information' section, you will see a 'Search engine unique ID:' popup. Copy that whole long sequence of numbers and letters in bold.

Google Custom Search


2. Add the ’Search engine unique ID’ to your website in YWD:

  • In the YWD back-end, go to Apps / Google Search
  • click the 'New' button in the toolbar above and paste the Search engine unique ID that you just copied from Google.
  • Click the 'Save' button. A Google Search box will now appear automatically the top of all pages of the live website (but not in 'Preview" mode).
  • You may remove the Google Search at any time by simply using the 'Delete' button in the toolbar above.


Your website must already be live, and it may take Google several weeks before your website is indexed. During this time searching the website will produce no results. So you may want to wait a few weeks after going live before enabling Google Search.

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