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Avoiding spam

There are a few steps you can take to prevent you from becoming the target of unsolicited emails.

Spammers don’t personally navigate through websites filling out forms they utilize computer programs – known as spambots – that “crawl” millions of websites, identify their forms, then fill out the information and submit them automatically, inserting their own cheesy ads in the process. Therefore, the best defense against that is to make sure whoever is filling out the form is actually a person, while trying not to annoy your audience.

Anti-spamming options are available in the form properties. They can greatly minimize the problem:

Anti-spam options

  • Low Protection spam filter
    This option uses a technique that employs a hidden field in the form, which the spambot fill try to fill out, whereas an actual person won’t, since they can’t even see. Upon submission, if the hidden field is filled out, YWD then knows it can only be spam and doesn't submit the form. This technique is not as stringent as ‘Captcha’ – described blow – but is completely inconspicuous. I’d suggest that you try that first, and unless you’re actually being bombarded with spam, do not use Captcha.
  • High protection spam filter (Captcha)
    This feature generates an image on the fly containing a random combination of characters that requires form submitter to match before sending the form. This cuts down on the number of false responses generated by spambots. If the form is generating lots of spam, you may consider using it. Please note that some visitors are annoyed by it.

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