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Page name options

Field Notes
Menu name
The name of the page, as it appears in the site navigation. It will also appear automatically as a header (formatted with the Heading 1 style) at the top of the page content.
Page headline Allows you to use a different – typically longer – name as your automatic header at the top of the page content. For instance, you may have the link to a page in the navigation display 'About us' (its regular name) whereas on the page itself the header would be 'We have been in business since 1975'.
Hide page headline? You may prevent the page name from appearing automatically as a header at the top of the page content.

Access options

Field Notes
Link to appear on

Check the navigation area(s) that should display a link to this page. Notice that you can have a link to the page appearing in more than one navigation area.

  • Top navigation: also know as "Global navigation' in information architecture, these links will appear at the very top of the page. Do not include too many pages in the top navigation, as they'll probably clutter your website's interface.
  • Main navigation: whether your website uses a horizontal or vertical layout, this will be your primary navigation.
  • Bottom navigation: appears at the bottom of the page, and is typically used for 'Legal information' and similar.

Note: To create a hidden page uncheck all three boxes. Hidden pages can still be linked and, when published, will still be live, but not accessible through system navigation. This can have many uses.

Devices By default, a navigation link to this page will appear no matter which device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) is being used to view the website. But you may target specific devices if you want. In that case, the page will only be visible in the specified devices. For instance, you may have a graphics-intensive page that you would only like people on computers (but not mobiles) to see. More information on YWD's mobile design strategy.
Login required? If your YWD™ package includes the 'Members area' tool and you set it to 'yes', only users authorized by the Site Administrator will be able to access the page (YWD™ will automatically display a login dialog before the page content is displayed)

Position options

Field Notes
Make this a subpage of
Indicate the page under which this one should be positioned. If it's a top level page, choose 'No parent (top level page)'.
Order (place before)
Choose the page before which this one should be positioned.

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