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Using Applications

Our tools give you the power to add apps to your website without having to write a single line of code.

App settings can be modified at any time; as you update the information on a tool, the website page will reflect the changes automatically.

Some apps can only be added as a content block to a page after you create them in Apps – a Form, a Catalog, a Blog. Others are set up in Tools but since they're not “visible” to people, you don't “add” them to a page — Google Search, Google XML Sitemap, etc.

Finally, certain tools are simply added directly to a page with no need to be set up in Apps e.g. an Embed Code block.

Tools that you set up in 'Apps' first and then add as a content block to a page:

Tool Notes
Blogs Manager
Create and manage blogs
Setup a blogs and its users in Apps. Then add it to a page as a content block. Post to the blog directly from the website's front-end.
Catalog / E-commerce System
Sell, list or get quote requests for products directly from your website
Setup your catalog in Apps. Then add it to a page as a content block.
Content Slider
Create presentations containing multiple Word Processor slides displayed within the same area of the page.
Create slides and presentations in Tools. Then add the presentation to a page as a Apps block.
Events Calendar
Display events in both list and monthly calendar formats
Enter your events in Apps. Add an instance of the Events Calendar as a content block to a page.
Forms Manager
Create your own interactive online forms so people can fill them out
In Apps, create the form itself and add elements (e.g. fields) to it. Publish the form and then add it to a page. People fill them out in the front-end.
Image Gallery
Create interactive image galleries with a myriad of display options
In Apps, select which image your gallery should contain. Then add the gallery as a content block to a page, choosing your display options.
News Manager
Create and manage news releases, and let YWD organize them for you
Create your news items in Apps. Then add an instance of the News Manager to a page.
Real Estate
Organize and list real estate properties. Interested people can use a form torequest information about any property.
Setup your the Real Estate global options in Apps. Then add it to a page as a content block.


Apps that you add directly as a content block to a page:

Tool Notes
Word Processor
Enter and format text. Insert images, Flash and YouTube videos.
You can also create your own Word Processor templates – pre-formatted content that can be added with a single click to any page.
Embed Code
Insert your HTML or JavaScript code from PayPal, YouTube, flickr or other services.
Add an Embed Code content block to a page, copy the code and simply paste it there.
Google Maps
Inserts an interactive map into the page.
Add it as a content block to a page. Enter the width & height, select the initial zoom level and type or paste the full address.
Inserts content from another source, such as an external website, into a page of your website.
Add it as a content block to a page, insert the full URL of the IFrame, the dimensions and scrollbar preferences.
Page Redirect
Automatically sends users to another webpage, either within your website or to an external URL.
Add it as a content block to a page and choose where you'd like to redirect them to.
Rollover Content
A Word Processor content block with 2 states: "normal" and "rollover"
Enter the content for the 2 states and add it as a content block to a page.
Displays a map of all your website pages.
Simply add it as a content block to a page (typically, you'll want to name that page 'Sitemap' and have its link displayed either on the Top or Bottom navigation)
Twitter Feed
Automatically fetch the most recent tweets of any Twitter feed and display them.
Create the widget on Twitter, copy the widget code. Add it as a content block to a page and paste the code from Twitter. Optionally customize certain elements of the appearance of the feed.
Vimeo Video
Embeds a playable Vimeo video.
Add it as a content block to a page. Paste the video URL from the Vimeo website, then choose additinal options like the size, whether you'd like intro info to be overlaid, etc.
YouTube Video
Embeds a playable YouTube video.
Add it as a content block to a page. Paste the video URL from YouTube's 'Share' button, then enter the width & height. Choose whether you'd like YT to suggest similar videos when yours is finished or not.


Tools that you just set up in 'Tools' but don't add as content:

Tool Notes
Google Analytics
Get comprehensive statistics on your website traffic and usage
Signup for Google Analytics using your Google account, then paste the Google Analytics tracking code for your website into YWD's Google Analytics tool.
Google Search
Add Google Search capabilities to your website
Obtain your website's Search API key from Google, then paste it into YWD's Google Search tool.
Note: it may take several weeks for Google to index your website
Google, Yahoo, Bing / Verify ownership
Verify that you are your website's owner in the eyes of Google and other search engines
Obtain your website's Verification code from Google (and/or Yahoo, Bing and even Google+), then paste it into YWD's Google Verification tool.
Google XML Sitemap
Help Google index your website faster and more efficiently
At least 24 hours after your website goes live, copy the contents of YWD's Google XML Sitemap tool and submit it to Google. You can submit a separate Sitemap for Mobile too.
Members Area (protected pages)
Assign access to secured pages of the public website to specific groups of people
Set the properties of the restricted to require login, create user(s) and group(s). Assign secured pages to groups, then assign users to those groups.
Virtual Directories
Replace long and cryptic URLs of important pages with easy to remember links
Create the virtual directory(ies) in Tools. This way people you'll be able to direct people to a specific page in your website using something like "www.mywebsite.com/promotions" instead of a long URL


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