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Image Gallery

Image galleries are an effective way to display multiple images. You create and manage image galleries in Tools and then add them to any page.

For example, click a thumbnail:

1. Creating a new image gallery:

  • Any image from the Assets Manager can be used. Use the asset's Description field for captions.
  • Go to Apps / Image Gallery and click New.
  • Choose a name (doesn't appear on the front-end).
  • Pick the images for the gallery — use Ctrl-click (Windows) or Cmnd-click (Mac) to select multiple and then the arrow to "move" them to the right.
  • Use the up/down arrows to change the order.
  • Click Save.

2. Adding the gallery to a page:

  • Go to the page you'd like to insert the gallery, click Add content and then Image Gallery.
  • Select the gallery from the dropdown list.
  • Choose a display style. Each has different options.
  • Content block position: normally an image gallery should be positioned in the Main column so there's enough room to display it properly. Most gallery styles will be centered within the column by default, but you can change that if you want.
  • If you add more than one gallery to the same page, they must all use the same display style.

Note: websites based on older YWD frameworks will offer different image gallery display styles.

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