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Members Area Login/Registration

This tool allows you to place a login (or registration) form in any page.

After people login or register, they'll be automatically redirected to the page of your choice.

If you have a pages of your website that require login and your package includes the Members Area tool you can create protected pages. The Members Area Login/Registration works in conjunction with it to alow you to place a login/registration form on any page of the website. It is added as a content block to the page.

You specify which component – Login form only, Registration form only or Both – when you add the content block.

Using it as a login form only

Login form
A sample login form

The content block will show as a login form on the non-protected page, so people can enter their username and password there. Upon successful completion of the login, they will be redirected to the protected page so they can then access the content that's there.

This enables you for example to have other content blocks appearing on the same page where the login form is, so people can see that non-protected content before they login.

You may also place the login form in a Global content area. This way people can login to the protected area of your website from any page. For instance, you may add it as a Global content before or after, as a left or right column content block.

Using it as a registration form only

Registration form
A sample registration form

You can use this option to capture new memberships. People enter their information – E-mail address and a Password – and are then redirected to the page of your choice – which you should hide from the regular website's navigation, and where you'd typically have a "Thank you for your registration" message or similar.

You decide whether you'd like to automatically grant them membership on a group or not (in which case you can assign them manually later).

You can also specify one or more people to be e-mailed whenever a person submits a registration, as well as the level of spam protection that the form should have i.e. whether Captcha-matching will be necessary in order to submit the form.

Using the same form for both login
and registration

Login/Registration form
A dual (login/registration) form

If you choose to display both components in the content block's back-end, YWD will place the login form, but add a link that will allow  non-registered visitors to register from the same form. The text of the link will read "Not registered? Click here" by default, but you can change it to anything you like.

If people click that link the registration form will replace the login on the fly so they can then register.

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