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Once you have entered the Global settings for your Real Estate tool and created your categories (if applicable) then you can start inputting properties.

Managing properties

You access all your properties in Apps / Catalog / Real Estate / Properties. You can add as many properties as you want.

Adding/editing properties

When adding a property, certain fields may not be used depending on which fields you check in 'Fields to use:' in the 'Structure' section of the Global settings. For instance, if you're not using a Reference code / MLS field, then it will not be displayed on the property form.

Information about the fields

Property info

  • Property status:
    A property can be 'Active', 'Inactive' or 'Sold'. A sold property will display a 'SOLD' banner above its picture, and an inactive property will be kept in the database but will not be displayed on the website. When you add a new property, it is set to be 'Inactive' by default. You must click on either 'Active' or 'Sold' to have it displayed.
  • Start/end dates (optional):
    You may define optional start/end datea in order to have YWD only show the product within that period, even if it's 'Active'.
  • Reference code / MLS#:
    The reference code (typically the MLS#) for the property. It must be unique.
  • Property name:
    Appears on both the list and the details page. Typically the address, but can contain marketing information. For instance it could be "123 Main Street - must see!"
  • Price:
    Enter the amount without any formatting. Numbers only – no commas, periods or any other other characters.


  • Address, City, Province/State, POstal/Zip code, Country:
  • Show Google Map?
    Will either display a button linking to the Google Maps website for the property, or embed the map directly into the page. You can customize that in YWD Designer.


The tool allows you to to either use images stored in YWD's Assets Manager or external pictures from anywhere on the web.

  • If using internal images from YWD's Assets Manager:
    • Property image:
      You must have uploaded the image to the Assets Manager first so you can select it.
    • Image gallery:
      You may also display an image gallery of the product, which will be shown in the product details page. Any gallery that you create with the Image gallery tool can be used.
  • If using external images:
    • Copy the full URL of the image from Picasa, Google+, Flickr, etc. and paste it into the field. Click the Add button and repeat. If more than 1 image is added, the system will automatically display them in an interactive image gallery.

YouTube video

  • If you have uploaded a video about the property to YouTube, enter its shortened 'Share' URL here.


  • The summary text is only displayed on list view. It should eb kept short.


  • The description is only shown in the product details page. It can contain formatted text as well as additional images. If you define a template for it in the Global settings, the descrition fiel can be pre-filed with formatted content – including tables, headings, etc. – so you just need to change it when you add a new property.


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