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Auto popups

Most people don’t like them, myself included: windows that popup automatically when you load a page. However – if used properly and judiciously – they can be useful sometimes and generate conversions.

Your Web Department now lets you create auto popup windows without the need to write a single line of code.

First example: an auto-playing video popup screen

Let’s say your website has a page where you’d like to play an important video. It could be a “President’s Message” or a particularly significant promotion. The video would start playing right away when people land on the page:

Video popup

Notice that the video would load in a floating box; when people click the ‘x’ or outside the box it closes, revealing the content underneath. In this case we’d embed the video (using YWD’s YouTube Video block) so that people can play it again if they want:

Embedded video

In order to do that, first we’ll copy the ‘Share’ URL of the video from the YouTube website:

YouTube URL

In YWD, we’ll edit the Page Properties of the page, select the Special tab and paste the video URL into the Open popup window field:

Popup window option

That’s it! The video will now open in a popup window whenever that page is loaded and start playing right away.


Second example: automatically loading an opt-in form

Let’s say now that we’d like to have an opt-in form popup whenever people land on a certain page. In this example, the form was created outside of YWD using the popular AWeber mailing service. It could have been a form created in YWD itself, or a MailChimp opt-in form, etc.:

AWeber form

Unlike a YouTube video, a form needs to reside on a page so it can be loaded. So we’ll create a page in YWD, hide it from the website navigation then add an Embed Code block containing the code supplied by AWeber (again, that could have been a form created in YWD, for instance):

Embedding an AWeber form

We’ll then publish the page, then grab its URL directly from the browser:

Page URL

Now it’s just a matter of pasting the URL into the Open popup window field of the Page Properties of the page that launches it, just like we showed you in the previous example.

That’s it!


Making the popups less intrusive

By default, your popups will open whenever the launching page loads. However, you can change that and more in Design / Layout / Page / Advanced settings. You can specify the Frequency – Always, Only once, Once a day, Once a week. You can also set the Width and Height; if left blank (the default) the popups will automatically stretch to the maximum size. Finally, if what you’re loading is a page (as in the 2nd example) you can choose whether you’d like YWD to hide the banner, footer, and all other areas of the page except the Main column. 

Popup options

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