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Is your email getting blocked?

If an email is getting blocked with the error code "571 5.7.1" it is because it exhibits the properties of spam. Here are the main things that can cause a message to be flagged as spam/bulk:

  • Recipient's address is not in the TO: or CC: fields (i.e. BCC:)
  • Message is in HTML format
  • No body text - Emails sent with no body text and small attached files is typical of those spam items which only include an image file with an advertisement. Senders having problems with small files should be advised to add some text to the message to differentiate it from spam
  • No subject line
  • Subject line contains email address or recipient's name
  • From address is the same as the To address
  • From and Reply-To addresses are different
  • Large list of recipients in To: or Cc: field (10+)
  • Message contains a prohibited attachment type (bat, com, exe, pif, scr, vbs)
  • Web address/link in the sender's signature

If you adjust your message to get rid of these triggers your email should pass through. If this does not work try starting a new email thread (do not use the reply button) and reword the contents of the email. Finally, you can add the recipients email address to your "safe senders" list and ask the recipient to do the same for your email address

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