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Managing pages

Adding, modifying or deleting pages with Your Web Department takes literally seconds. ‚ÄčThere are no limits to the number of pages your website can have.

Adding a page

To add a page to your website, make sure you’re in the “Edit site” section and then click the New page button:

New page button

A window will popup allowing you to enter the page properties:

Page properties

In the Navigation tab you enter the name of the page as it appears in the navigation. Optionally can enter a different headline for the content area of the page, or hide the headline altogether. You also specify where a link to the page should appear, its position on the website structure, whether you'd like to target specific devices (so for instance, that page is not shown on mobile phones) and much more.

Other tabs allow you to customize different aspects of the page. Check out the Page properties section for more information.

When you're done, click the Save button and the new page will be added to the website, so you can then edit its content.


Reordering a page

To change the position of or the order of any page, navigate to it and click on the highlighted area to edit its properties:

Page properties

At the bottom of the Navigation tab is the page Position. You can make the page a sub-page of another...

Page position

... or if the page is at the top level, select "No parent (top level) page".

You can also change the order of the page. You simply choose which page it should apear before in the navigation:

Page ordering

It's also possible to move a page up or down within the website structure by clicking the arrows to the left of the page name:


Deleting a page

To delete a page, navigate to it and click the Delete page button:

Delete page button

IMPORTANT: Be careful! Make sure you’ve navigated to the page that you want to delete. Also, keep in mind that once you delete a page, there is no way for you (or us) to bring it back!!!

So let’s be completely clear about it: once you click the Delete page button and confirm, that page will be gone forever. So if you delete a page by mistake, you’ll have to re-create it from scratch.

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