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Content in YWD is organized in blocks. This way you can have different types of content on the same page.

For example, you can have some simple text and images in a Word Processor block followed by another block containing an interactive form created with the Forms Manager tool, and so on.

The “front-end”

This is what people see when they visit your website, or when you click the 'Preview' button in YWD.


The “back-end”

This is what you see when you're editing the website. It displays it in a schematic mode so it's easy to edit.

Front-end   Back-end

Editing a content block

To edit a content block click the 'Edit content' icon or the block itself. YWD will open a window where you can edit the content. If the content block is just text and images entered using the Word Processor, then you can edit it right there.

Editing a content block

For certain tools, editing the content block means something different. For instance, if you click to edit a Forms Manager content block, you will be able to select which form you would like to be displayed there. But the form itself (e.g. which fields it should contain) is configured in 'Tools'. Alternatively, you can use the 'Setup' icon to go straight there.

Setup icon


Undoing changes

If you would like to revert to the previously saved version of a content block, you can use the 'Undo' icon, which will appear as soon as a content block is modified. Only 1 level of undo is provided, however.

Note: you can't undo deleting a content lock.

The "Undo" button

Also, please note that if a content block is deleted then it cannot be retrieved (see below).


Adding a new content block to a page

To add a new content block to a page, click the 'Add content' button in the toolbar.

Add content

YWD will then display a list of all the types of content that you can add to a page. They refer to the tools that make up the monthly package you chose for your website. If you'd like to add more tools please contact us.

Some content blocks require that you create or set them up in the 'Tools' section first, and only then add them to a page. For instance, to insert a form into a page you need to create it with the Forms Manager tool before you can then insert it as a content block into the page and position of your choice. The same is true for an image gallery or a content slider, for example.

Content block types

For more information on the various types of tools available in YWD please refer to the Tools page of this online Help.


Reordering a content block

You can change the order of a content within the page by either using the up/down arrows or the dropdown menu.

Reordering content blocks


Duplicating a content block

To create a copy of the content block, click the 'Duplicate' icon. You can then edit the copied content block right there, or even move it to a different page altogether (see below).

Duplicating a content block


Moving a content block to a different page

To move a content block to a different page, click the 'Move to page' icon. YWD then will open a dialog box where you'll be able to select the page to which you'd like to move to content block. After you click the 'Move block' button, the content block will be moved to the destination page, where it will be added after any existing blocks.

Moving a content block to a different page

Notice that after moving a content block both pages will be marked as "Changed" so they'll need to be published in order for the changes to be reflected on the live website.


Deleting a content block

To delete a content from a page, click the 'Delete' icon.
IMPORTANT: Once you confirm, that content block it will be permanently removed from your website!

Deleting a content block

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