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Blogs Manager

Blogs are a very convenient and effective way to post news and commentaries as well as gather feedback from your audience.

1. Creating a new blog

  • Go to Apps / Blogs Manager / Blogs and click New.
  • Configure the blog settings. There's an explanation in italics under each field.
  • Click Save to create the new blog.
  • Now go to Blog Users and add them. Once the blog is added to a page, users login to it — directly from the website's front-end — so depending on the roles you assign to them they can create new entries, categories, etc.

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Note: Site Administrators should login using their admin.yourwebdepartment.com logins. Do not create duplicate blog user entries.


2. Adding the blog content block to a page

  • Go to the page you'd like to insert the blog, click Add content and then Blogs Manager.
  • Select the blog from the dropdown list.
  • Select the options for this blog instance.
  • Content block position: normally a blog should be positioned in the Main column so there's enough room to display it properly.
  • Your website can have multiple blogs, but do not place more than one blog on a single page.


3. Creating a blog post

  • Go to the page that contains your blog, either on your live site, or through the Preview Page interface in the YWD interface.
  • Login to the blog. If the login button is not visible then it has been disabled in the blog content block properties, or the blog is locked (blog properties).
  • Add a title, select a date, enter the blog contents and the other information. Click here for details.
  • Save.
  • Unless your entries require authorization they will be available immediatly.

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