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News Manager

The News Manager app lets you create and manage news releases.

1. Creating news items:

  • Go to Apps / News Manager and click 'New' (toolbar, top of page).
  • Enter a Title for the news item. It will be shown on both list and detailed views.
  • Select the News date. It may be displayed or not, depending on how you set up the content block (see below). But you need to enter a date so YWD can organize and sort the news items.
  • The Body text contains the body of the news item, and will be displayed when people click on a news title on the list to see it in detailed view. You can format the text, add images, etc.
  • By default, a new news item is Active so it will be displayed by the website's front-end. But you may activate it later if you want. That allows you to compose the news item and only "turn it on" when it's ready for publication.
  • Click 'Save' to create the news item.

Repeat the above for as many news items as you want. You can edit them at any time, of course. Simply click its title in the back-end, and then the pencil icon to edit.


2. Displaying the news list on a page:

  • Go to the page where you'd like to display the news list, click 'Add content' and then 'News Manager'.
  • News list style: you can either include multiple news news titles (the default) or show only one at a time, fading in/out.
  • News list section options:
    • Automatic: YWD will filter which titles it will include on the list based on a combination of the date range (i.e. how far back it should go) and the number of headlines you want. For instance, you may want to list only the 3 more recent headlines no matter their dates; or all the headlines in the current year, etc. Also, if you have news items from more than 1 year, YWD will automatically group them by year and insert a year dropdown menu so people can select it. But if you prefer to simply list all the news even if they're from multiple years, you can do that.
    • Manual: if you prefer you can pick which specific news items you'd like to include on the list.
  • When visitors click on a news title on the list:
    • Stay on the same page: this is useful if you don't have a separate page for the news in your website structure. If you select this option, when people click on the news title it will expand to reveal the news body right there i.e. without taking them to a different page.
    • Go to a different page: takes people to a different page so they can read the news body copy. For instance, you can have just a few headlines in the Home page with the full listing residing in another page, typically called "News". This option requires that you place another News Manager content block and set it to "Stay in the same page" in the other/target page. Also, the target page must be published. NOTE: In this configuration the target page must be set to 'Automatic' selection mode only.
  • Formatting and order:
    • You can also specify the date format (or whether you'd like to display the date at all) as well as additional styling options. Also, by default the most recent news are listed at the top. But you can switch that – for instance, in case your news refer to events that will occur in the future.

Notice that you can place instances (i.e. content blocks) of the News Manager on multiple pages. In the example below a News Manager content block was added to the Home page, with only 3 .

News - list view - only 3 items

A News Manager content block placed in the Home page, with only 3 titles
being automatically selected (see highlighted area)




Calendar - monthly

Another pahe on the same website, without a limit to the number of titles.
Notice that YWD automatically adds a dropdown box for the years.


News details

The news details page – i.e. what people see when they click on a news title –
showing the news body.




If you're displaying multiple news items on the list, they're being automatically selected and their dates are spread throughout different years, YWD will insert a dropdown box for the years.

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