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Email accounts

All Your Web Department packages include a number of email addresses. Check your YWD package to see how many email addresses are included.

If you're familiar with using email and are ready to get started, review the Email in 3 easy steps page first.

Once your email addresses have been setup, you'll receive a notification that will instruct you on how to setup and access your new email addresses.

If you require additional email addresses, please contact us.

Examples of email addresses:

User name   Domain   Top Level Domain (TLD)
JohnSmith @ yourdomain . com
John_Smith @ yourdomain . ca
john @ yourdomain . info

Your email address is made up of 5 parts:

User Name
The user name is unique to you. It uniquely identifies you with your domain.

Ampersand Symbol (@)
The @ sign separates the user name and the domain name.

Domain Name
The domain name is the company name that you set up for your website address.

Dot (.)
The dot separates the domain name and the Top-Level Domain.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)
The top-level domain is the last part of a domain name address; the letters that follow the domain name.


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