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Going live!

What you need to do to get your new YWD website live.


When you're ready to go live, please remember to publish any/all pages that are ready to go live.

Scenario A:
You registered your domain with us when you signed up

If you registered your domain with Your Web Department, all you will need to do is press the 'Publish' button for any or all of your pages that are ready to go live.

The fact that your new website is live means that anyone can visit it, but not necessarily that it'll already be found when people search for it. It can take 6 or more weeks before Google finds your website and indexes it (that's done automatically by Google).


Scenario B:
You already had a domain when you signed up

If you have just bought a YWD monthly package but wanted to keep and use an existing domain that you own, after you publish all the pages that are ready to go live, you need to point your domain to us so YWD can start serving your website. If you have a website currently hosted somewhere else, until you point your domain to YWD or cancel your current website's hosting, your old website will still be up.

If your website was being hosted somewhere else, we offer a feature known as "301 Redirects" that allows you to point specific pages from your old website to the new, preserving your traffic after switching to YWD. Contact us to have 301 Redirects enabled before going live (a small fee will be added to your package).

When you're ready to go live, email these instructions to the support services of your domain registrar. They will make the changes for you:

  1. Confirm that the NameServers are set to the registrar's local nameservers

  2. If there is already an ARecord for the www, delete it

  3. Set the @ ARecord to point to the registrar's local IP

  4. Add a CName alias for www and point it to goto.yourwebdepartment.com

  5. Finally, select the Forwarding option and forward "nameofyoursite.com" to "www.nameofyoursite.com". Sometimes this is done by adding a forwarding ARecord.

NOTE: Registrars might have a variation on the above but the will understand our requirements. They can adjust as needed.

However, there are instances where the registrar is not capable, able or offers this feature. Your only option is to move your domain to another registrar that does offer this service. Both www.godaddy.com or www.easydns.com can get you hooked up with your YWD site. We also offer the option to host your domain with us but it is YWD specific and does not offer the wealth of management tools others do, but it is included with your account.

After your website is live

Once your website is live, we recommend that you set up Google Analytics for your website, so you can start tracking its traffic. Please refer to the Google Analytics section on this Help for more information.

Contact us if you need assistance transferring your domain or any related issues.

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