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Managing users

If you are a Site Administrator, you can also add, edit or delete users. You do so through the Users Manager.

Listing users

Click Users Manager. A list of all users i.e. people who have access to the website will appear.

Adding new users

Click the New icon in the toolbar. Fill out the field with the new user's information:

  • Primary group: by default, your website will have 2 groups: Site Administrators and Editors. Administrators have full access to all website tools as well as manage other users, whereas Editors are able to edit and publish content, but not access all tools or manage other users. If your website has many users, you may create additional groups if you want, in order to keep the users organized.
  • First name: the user's first name.
  • Username: a single word name that identifies the user e.g. msmith, jdoe, etc. Please note that the name must be unique throughout all YWD websites (and not just yours).
  • Password: between 3 and 30 characters long. Note that we (YWD) don't have access to any of our users' passwords.
  • E-mail: the user's e-mail address. It must be unique.
  • Phone: a telephone for contact if necessary.
  • Active: For security reasons, once added, a user cannot be deleted. But you can deactivate the user at any time. If a user is Inactive, he/she will not be able to login.

Don't forget to click the Save button.

Displaying user information

Click the name of any user. The User Information page is displayed.

Editing user information

You can add any information regarding the user, including their password (you will need to enter the password from scratch)



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