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Editing images

Sometimes you need to change the way an image looks.

For instance, you had an image inserted in a Word Processor content block for which you've now created a revised version in Photoshop, and you'd like to swap the old image with the new one, while maintaining the same file name.

Replacing an image with a new version

Locate the image in the Assets Manager and click on its thumnail.

Click the button to choose a file. Locate the new version of the image on your computer – the file name must be the same.  Click 'Save'.

Using PicMonkey to edit the image directly: crop, resize or apply other effects

If you don't have access to image editing software like Photoshop, you may use Picnik. It is free and integrated with YWD and allows you to crop, resize and apply several effects to the image. When you click this button you're taken to the PicMonkey website where you can manipulate the image. Once you save (or cancel) your changes in PicMonkey, you're automatically taken back to the Assets Manager and the image is modified.

PicMonkey's Save button is located on the bottom left of their interface.

Using PicMonkey



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