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Products are your individual items. Depending on your catalog they may refer to case studies, or items for sale, etc.

Once you have entered the overall options for the catalog in the Global settings and created your categories and subcategories (if applicable) then you can start inputting products.

Managing products

You access all your products in Apps / Catalog / E-commerce System / Products. You can add as many products as you want.

Adding/editing products

When adding a product, certain fields may not be used depending on which fields you check in Fields to use: in the Catalog structure section of the Global settings. For instance, if you're not using a reference code field, then it will not be displayed on the product form.

Additional notes on product fields

  • Reference code:
    If you've chosen to use this field, it must be unique i.e. different for each product.
  • Product name:
    It will appear on both the products list and the details page.
  • Product image:
    You must upload the image to the Assets Manager first. Depending on your Global settings YWD will automatically create a thumbnail version of the product shot and use it in the products list.
  • Image gallery:
    You may also display an image gallery of the product, which will be shown in the product details page. Any gallery that you create with the Image gallery tool can be used.
  • Description:
    The description is only shown in the product details page. It can contain formatted text as well as additional images. If you define a template for it in the Global settings, the descrition fiel can be pre-filed with formatted content so you just need to change it when you add a new product. It can also contain links to documents (e.g. informational PDFs) previously uploaded to the Assets Manager.
  • Price and taxes:
    A promo price is optional. At this moment, only Canadian taxes are supported.
  • Product status and optional activation dates:
    By default, when you create a new product its status will be 'Inactive' so it will not be displayed. You must change it to 'Active'. You may also define optional start/end datea in order to have YWD only show the product within that period.


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