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Creating slides and slideshows

Working with the Content Slider tool involves creating the slides, assembling them into a slideshow, and then inserting it as a content block into a page.

1. Creating slides:

  • Create the slides by going to Apps / Content Slider / Slides and clicking the New button. Each slide is a Word Processor and can contain formatted text (including links) and images. You can either create a slide from scratch or copy an existing one and then modifying it.
  • For each slide, you will enter:
    • Slide name: something unque to identify that slide. the name will be used for captions in the "Regular" display style (if you choose to display captions) and for the names of the tabs in the "Tabs across the top" style. Otherwise, the name will not be shown on the website.
    • Slide content: you enter the content of the slide into an editor window that's just like the Word Processor. A slide can have text, images, tables, etc.
    • Optional background image: This options allows you to have an image appearing beneath the content. This For instance, you can have live, editable text and links above an image. If you're using this option, you should specify a Slides height when you insert the presentation into a page.

2. Building a slideshow:

  • After the slides have been created, build the presentation in Apps / Content Slider / Slideshow. A presentation is built by selecting which slides it contains and the order in which you'd like them to appear.

2. Adding the slideshow to a page:

  • Go to the page you'd like to insert the presentation, click Add content and Content slider.
  • Select a slideshow from the dropdown list.
  • Choose a presentation style. Each style has different options (more on the "Regular" style and on the "Tabs across the top" style).
  • Content block position: normally a content slider should be positioned in the Main column so there's enough room to display it properly.
  • You can have multiple content slider blocks of the “Regular” on the same page, but only one “Tabs across the top” slider. Also, different styles can't be mixed on the same page.
  • Some Image gallery styles cannot be mixed with a content slider on the same page.

Display styles

Content sliders can be displayed using different styles. Each has its own set of options, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

» Regular
» Tabs across the top

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