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Sharing your blog posts on social media

You can easily share individual posts on social media outlets. You can do so manually or automatically.

Sharing an individual post manually

  1. On your live website, click the title of the post.
  2. Copy the full address from the address bar.
  3. Paste it on your status update field on your social network.

Note: if you have specified a Summary picture for the post, it will be used by most social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn, etc.


Sharing your posts automatically

YWD blogs also generate a valid RSS feed. This allows your blog to comunicate with services like ifttt.com and have them automatically generate a post on yur behalf on the social media services you use – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a myriad of others – whenever you create a new blog post.

This is how you do it:

1. Activate the RSS Feed button

In your website’s back-end in YWD, check the RSS feed box for the blog content block.

Blog content block


2. Copy your blog page’s RSS Feed URL

Preview the page. You should see the RSS feed button on your blog. Click on it and you will be prompted with a long URL that’s specific to your blog’s RSS feed. For instance, in the case of our own Help website blog, the URL is http://help.ywd.ca/site/ywd_prototype/admin/applications/rss.cfm?siteid=649&chapterID=780&ID=48754 (yours will be different)

RSS feed button


3. Create an account with IFTT

IFTTT (“If This Then That”) is a popular service that allows you create applets/recipes that execute certain actions for you. You can use IFTT to automatically post to social media services whenver you create a new post on your YWD blog. IFTTT is completely free and has been around for years, and it’s what we use here at YWD for our own Help blog, but there are other similar services. You can use your Google or Facebook account to signup to IFTTT (it will ask for your permission to do so.)



4. Click the New Applet button

An applet is a kind of recipe/rule.


5. Click the + this link

This is where you will specify what will trigger the action.


6. Click RSS Feed

Your blog in YWD generates an RSS Feed and this is what will trigger the action.


7. Click New feed item


8. Paste your RSS Feed URL and click Create trigger

That’s the URL of your website’s blog, which you copied in step 2 (or copy it now). Click Create trigger.


9. Click the + that link

Now we’ll specify the action that will be executed by IFTTT whenever a new feed i.e. a blog post is created.


10. Choose an action service

In this example, we’ll be making IFTTT generate a tweet whenever a blog post is created, so we’ll choose Twitter. But a variety of other services is also available.


11. Click Create action

This will complete the process.


From now on, whenever a blog post is created...

... a tweet is automatically added to our Twitter feed, without the need to manually post it there:


You can create additional applets for other services, of course. In our case, we use it for both Facebook and Twitter:

Note: if you have specified a Summary picture for the post, it will be used by most social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn, etc.

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