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Making a whole content block clickable

Sometimes it can be useful to make a whole content block – and not just a link or a button inside it – clickable, to make it easier for your visitors to get to where you want them to be. Our system allows you to do that, without any coding. For instance when people move the mouse anywhere over this Home page header, it will subtly brighten up, and when clicked will take you to another page:

Linking a block
Clicking anywhere on that block takes you to a different URL

How to do that

The Advanced options panel of every content block now includes an Entire block link option. Paste the URL you want there and YWD will take of the rest.


  • If linking to a page of your website make sure you use the live URL of the page i.e. from your actual domain name, and NOT the URL of the page from the back-end preview i.e http://admin.yourwebdepartment.com/ etc.
  • Use the full URL, including the prefix e.g. https://.
  • Currently, the page will open in the same browser window, not in a separate tab.

Entire block link
The Entire block link option


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