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Main navigation elements


The navigation bar hright is 100px. However, if your image is taller than that the system will automatically resize it to fit within the navigation bar. So, for better results – especially on retina displays – we suggest that your branding/logo be twice the final display size i.e. 200px high.


Navigation overlay

In the Design settings, you can enter content to be placed in the navigation bar itself. By default, it will appear to the right of the main navigation:

Overlay content 

Alternatively, it can be positioned alongside the top navigation i.e. above the main navigation:

Overlay - top


Social media ‘follow’ buttons

You can display social media buttons in the main navigation, at the bottom of the page or both. There are different styles for the buttons – circular, square, rounded, colour vs. b&w, multiple sizes. They will be placed after the main navigation links on computers, and below them on mobile. All these options can be found in the Social media section of YWD Designer.

Social media sharing


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