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The bottom of the page area

The Page bottom section of YWD Designer allows you to customize the bottom navigation, footnotes as well as colours and much more.

Page bottom elements

You have 2 footnote fields at your disposal, as well as the ability to specify a bottom image with a link. You can also display social media sharing buttons there. You can choose to place the footnotes side by side, the social media buttons to the right or at the centre, etc. These options can be found in the Design settings. Regardless of how you choose to lay ot the page bottom elements, they will always appear centred on mobile.

Page bottom layout

The page bottom on a computer

Page bottom mobile

Tha same page on mobile



Bottom navigation styles

By default, the bottom navigation will simply display in a single tier i.e. with the names of the page in a single row:

Bottom navigation

Single-tiered bottom navigation (default)


However, sometimes – especially in larger websites – you may want to use a 2-tiered style. This can be selected in the the Design settings. Regardless, any page that has been set in the Page Properties to appear in the Bottom navigation will be shown.

Bottom navigation

2-tiered bottom navigation


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