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Catalog / E-commerce System

Sell, list or get quote requests for products. Organize them into categories or subcategories. SKUs, PayPal and Moneris are fully supported.

Whether you're simply listing different products, receiving orders for samples or actually selling products online, YWD's Catalog / E-commerce System tool is quite flexible. Once you setup your catalog's global settings, define your categories, subcategories and SKUs (if applicable) and enter the products, you simply add the category as content block to any page of your website. People can then list the products and click on them to get more detailed information. And if you've set up your catalog to one of the E-commerce modes, visitors can purchase them too.

Catalog - listCatalog - list

Catalog: list view

Catalog - detailsCatalog - details

Catalog: product details view

Before you can start adding products, you need to set up your catalog first. You do that by editing the catalog's global settings.

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