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You can set up special promotions so if customers enter a promo code they get dollar or percentual discounts or free shipping.

Customers will be prompted to enter the promo code on the payment step of the purchase.

Managing promotions

You access all your promotions in Apps / Catalog / E-commerce System / Promotions. You can create as many promotions as you want.

Creating/editing promotions

Click the New button in the toolbar to create a new promotion. Initially you enter the overall information about the promotion – the code, the discounts, the start and end dates, etc.

Notes on promotion fields

  • Promo code:
    It must be unique i.e. different for each promotion.
  • Title:
    The title (or brief description) of the promotion, for internal use only. It won't be displayed.
  • Discount type:
    Indicates whether a fixed amount should be applied ('Dollars off') or a percentage of the price ('Percent off').
  • Discount value:
    If you selected 'Dollars off' then enter the amount in dollars; otherwise enter a percentage. Do not enter either any currency or percentage symbol, only digits i.e. for 20%, enter simply 20.
  • Purchase over:
    Optionally, you may require a minimum amount for the discount to be applied.
  • Free Shipping?
    Indicates whether this promotion should remove any shipping charges.
  • Start/End dates:
    Optionally, you may define a period in which the promotion can be used.
  • Status:
    You may activate/de-activate the promotion at any time. Inactive promotions will not be displayed or used.


After you click Save to add/edit a promotion it may take several seconds until YWD updates its internal databases. Please be patient and avoid pressing Save more than once.

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