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Embed Code

Sometimes you may need to embed "raw" code (e.g. code from services like PayPal, YouTube, etc.) into a page.

In this case switching to 'Source' mode in the Word Processor will not work, because it automatically strips out JavaScript source. The Embed Code tool enables you to do that.

Embed code

The Embed Code interface

If your YWD package includes the Embed Code tool, embedding the code is easy. Simply copy the code required by the external source, click the 'Add content' button and paste the code into the field. Like most types of content, you can position it in any of the 3 columns or even use absolute positioning to place it wherever you want. You can also add it as global content so YWD will insert it into all pages of your website.



Do not use the Embed Code tool for Google Analytics, because it requires that the code be inserted into a specific position within the page source. To setup Analytics use the Google Analytics app.

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