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Events Calendar

An events calendar is a very convenient way to let your visitors know about upcoming events.

YWD can display them either in list or monthly view. Simply create events using the Events Calendar tool, then add the calendar as a content block to any page.

1. Creating events:

  • Go to Apps / Events calendar and click New (toolbar, top of page).
  • Enter a Title for the event. It will be shown on both list and monthly calendar views.
  • You may also enter an optional full Description. It may include images, links, etc. When people click on the title, YWD will automatically display the description.
  • If the event is external, you may enter an external URL. For instance, if it's a tradeshow with its own website, enter the full URL there (including the 'http://'). YWD will send people directly there, instead of a details page within your website.
  • You may also assign an .ics file to the event. It allows visitors to download the event and add it directly to their calendaring software. To do that, create the event file with a program such as Microsoft Outlook and give it a unique name e.g. USAEVENT2011.ics. Then add the file to YWD's Assets Manager. Once it's there, you can assign it to the event.
  • The Location field is also optional. If left empty it will not be shown.
  • Specify whether it's an All day event or not. If it is, then you won't need to choose the start/end times, just the dates.
  • By default, a new event is Active so it will be displayed by the website's front-end. But you may activate it later if you want.
  • You can also define an optional Background color for that event. When viewd in monthly calendar view, it will fill up the background of the event's text within its cell.
  • Click 'Save' to create the new event.

Repeat the above for as many events as you want. You can edit an event at any time, of course. Simply click the event title in the back-end, and then the pencil icon to edit.


2. Displaying the events on a page:

  • Go to the page you'd like to insert the events, click 'Add content' and then 'Events Calendar'.
  • The Events Calendar can be displayed in 3 ways:
    • Simple events list with monthly view icon
      A simple list in chronological or alphabetical order with an icon to pop up a monthly calendar.
    • Tabular list grouped by month with monthly view icon
      Events grouped by month, include the location. Good for external events e.g. tradeshows.
    • Monthly calendar
      Shows the events in a monthly calendar format right away
  • Depending on the display mode, you can choose whether you'd like YWD to automatically select the events (according to the date range, the number of events and even the order in which they should be listed) or you'd rather pick specific events individually. The monthly calendar option lets you decide whether you'd prefer the events to appear in chronological or alphabetical order within the same day of the mothtly calendar.

Notice that although your website contains a single calendar, you can place instances (i.e. content blocks) of the Events Calendar on multiple pages. In the example below an Events Calendar content block was added as 'Events list and pop-up monthly view' to the Home page, and another one as 'Monthly view' to another page.

Calendar - list view

'Simple events list with monthly view icon' display mode (see highlighted area)


Calendar - monthly

'Monthly view' display mode



You can also create a calendar using Google Calendar, copy the code provided by Google and paste it on an Embed Code content block. The Google calendar will then be displayed on the website.

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