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An IFrame (Inline Frame) can be used to insert content from another source, such as an external website, into a page of your website.

Click the 'Add content' button on the page you would like to insert the IFrame and select the 'IFrame' content type.

Source URL: make sure you paste the full URL – including the http:// etc. – of the external page you will be loading into the IFrame.

Width: in most cases, you should leave the width blank. This way the IFrame will automatically expand to the full available width. Or you can enter a specific width.

Height: you should enter a height, in pixels.

If the content of the external page doesn't fit scrollbars will appear, unless you explicitly set the 'Scrollbars' option to 'No'.

You can position the IFrame in any of the 3 columns, but typically it should be inserted in the Main column.

Here’s our own public website, loaded into an IFrame:

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