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Displaying the properties

Seting up and displaying the Real Estate content block.

Once you’ve setup the Real Estate tool’s Global settings and entered the categories (if applicable) and properties and assigned the properties to categories (if applicable) you can add it as a content block to a page.

If you're not using categories...

Create the page that will contain the Real Estate tool. Click the 'Add content' button in the YWD toolbar and select 'Real Estate'. You will see a content block dialog similar to the one below. If you'd like to display the listing, select 'Property list' – the default. Optinally, you could create a separate page for people to search properties.

Real estate content block

A Real Estate content block dialog box when no categories are being used.


If you are using categories...

If you chose to use categories in the Real Estate tool's Global settings then the content block dialog will allow you to specify whether you'd like to list all categories on this page (in which case YWD will automatically display a select box so people can choose the one they want) or just a selected category. That allows you to create a separate page for each category, and add an instance of the Real Estate tool to it with just the corresponding category.

Real Estate content block

A Real Estate dialog box when categories are being used.

In the example below, we created a page specifically for Boston, then added a Real Estate content block to it in which we selected only that category:

Real Estate display

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