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Content block advanced options

Advanced layout options

Although normally the content blocks will appear "stacked" i.e. the previous block above the next, YWD provides alternative methods to layout a content block within the page.

Stacked blocks

Default layout: “stacked”

Stacked icon

By default, all content blocks in YWD are stacked. That means that each content block you add will appear above the next, within the same column.

That's adequate in the virtually all cases. In the example to the left, each content block is highlighted. Notice that each of them occupies the whole column width (in this case, the Main column).



Side by side blocks

Side by side (adjacent)

Icon side by side

Sometimes you may want to to have two or more content blocks appearing side by side. For instance, perhaps you'd like to have a Word Processor block containing some text on the left, and a separate block (for instance, a Google Map) placed to its right, like in this example.

In order to do that, set both content blocks as 'Side by side'. YWD will place them in the same horizontal row within the page layout. You can also specify a width for each "box", or a left margin (i.e. a gutter) in case you'd like to have some separation between the current block and its predecessor.

You can have more than two blocks side by side; but you must explicitly set each of them as such. And you can have regular (stacked) blocks above or below them as well.


“Box style” (optional)

  • Width
    If stacked, by default a content block will use all the available width of its container (the column, header or footer areas where it's positioned). But sometimes you may want to specify a width, especially if placing it side by side by another block.
  • Height
    Useful if you're placing the blocks side by side, especially if you’re applying an autoformat to the blocks that includes a border or a background colour. Entering an amount for the height of the blocks will ensure that the “boxes” that you’ve placed side by side have the same heights, irrespective of the lengths of the content inside them.
  • Margins
    Inserts additional space at the top, right, bottom or left of the content block. Especially useful if you're placing this content block side by side with another block to its left and would like some distance between the two, acting as a gutter.
  • Autoformat
    Autoformats are styles that you can create in YWD Designer / Layout / Autoformats. Typically you'll apply an autoformat globally (e.g. to all Word Processor content blocks) but if you don't, this option allows you to assign it specifically to this content block.
  • Bgnd. image
    You can specify a background image so that the content will be overlaid on top of it. The image must have been previously uploaded to YWD's Assets Manager.
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