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Editing content

The Word Processor is the most frequently used tool. It allows you to enter text and images into your pages.

The Word Processor interface

YWD's Word Processor will probably remind you of a basic version of any word processor such as Microsoft Word – except that instead of a document, you will be editing the text that appears on your website. When you edit any Word Processor content block it will look similar to this:

Word Processor interface

Whether you're adding a Word Processor block to a page or editing an existing one, the interface is quite simple. You will see an editing area where you can type or paste your text, and a toolbar area with icons that perform functions such as bold text, align a paragraph, etc. You can also apply formats to headings, create links to pages within your website or outside of it, insert tables, images, videos and much more.

The Word Processor Reference page describes all the icons and functions in more detail.

Don't forget to click the green Save button at the bottom of the Word Processor window when you’re done editing. If you simply close the window without saving, your changes will be lost. Depending on your monitor size/resolution, you may need to scroll down to see the button.

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