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Editing links

Quite often you'll need to update or edit a link for a variety of reasons.

For instance:

  • You made a mistake and actually wanted to link to a different page
  • The external website you are linking to longer exists
  • You need to change the link so it points to a another file e.g. a different PDF document

1. Highlight the text and click the

'Insert/Edit Link' icon

With your Word Processor content block selected, highlight the link and click the 'Insert/Edit Link' icon, located in the Word Processor's toolbar.

Note: if you prefer, after highlighting the link, you may right-click it and select 'Edit Link' from the pull-down menu

2. Modify the Link

The Link pop up window appears on top of the work space. You can now edit the link.

Additional information regarding the different types of links can be found in the these pages:

3. Don't forget to Save your changes
to the content block!

Unless you are making other changes to that content block, you may now click the 'Save' button to save your changes and close this content block for editing.

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