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YWD provides different methods for you to embed/insert YouTube (or Vimeo) videos into your pages.

How to insert a YouTube video

Here's an example of an embedded video: you can play it directly from this page. YWD provides three different methods for you to insert YouTube videos; you'll find the instructions below.

Option A: Usig the Embed YouTube Video on the Word Processor’s toolbar

If you would like to insert a YouTube video into a Word Processor content block or other types of content that use the editor – in a post in the Blogs Manager tool, a slide in the Content Slider tool or a news item in the News Manager tool – you can use the Embed YouTube Video button.

You simply copy the URL for the video that you'd like to embed from the YouTube website...

YouTube URL

...then click the editor's Embed YouTube Video button...

Embed YouTube Video button

...and paste into the URL field. Typically you will want to check the Make Responsive option so that the video will automatically stretch to fill its container. Sometimes however you may want to set up specific dimensions e.g. if you want the video to play at a very small (narrower than 300px) size.

Embed YouTube Video dialog box


Option B. Using the YouTube Video app

This will insert the video on a separate content block. You simply copy the 'Share URL' for the video that you'd like to embed from the YouTube website, then paste it into a YouTube Video content block

Basically, all you need to do is obtain the shortened URL that YouTube generates for you ater you click the 'Share' button below the video...

YouTube copy

...then paste it into the appropriate field in the content block in YWD:

YouTube paste

You can also select the video dimensions and whether you'd like YouTube to display a list of suggested videos after your has finished playing or not. You can also specify a stillframe – an image that should have the same dimensions as the video – to be displayed before people play the video.


Option C. Using an Embed Code content block

If you'd like to have even more control over the settings of your YouTube video and your website package includes the Embed Code tool, you can copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it directly into an Embed Code content block.

1. Go the YouTube website and find the video that you would like to embed. It can be a video that you've created and uploaded to YouTube, or a video from someone else. Click the Share button, and then Embed. Select one of the sizes and copy the code you see highlighted:

Embed video

2. In the YWD back-end, navigate to the page where you’d like to embed the video, and add a new Embed Code content block. Paste the code you've copied from YouTube there and Save the content block.

Embed Code - video


Tip: It's easy – and free – to create a YouTube account so you can upload your own videos, setup a channel and much more. You may want to check YouTube's Help section for more information.

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