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Content area background

A background just for the content area

You can use this tab to apply a background image just for the three columns (Left, Main, Right) i.e. the content area. Any text or images that you add to the page will appear on a separate layer above this background image.


  1. The image will override any background colours or images that may have been assigned to the left, main, right, header and footer areas in YWD Designer.
  2. It can be used in conjunction with a content area background colour, which you can set globally in YWD Designer.
Field Notes
Horizontal alignment

The horizontal alignment of the background image (Centre, Left or Right)

Image tiling
The image can be repeated horizontally and/or vertically to fill up the content area

Tip: When you assign a background image to the content area of a page, it will "cascade" to all its sub-pages. This behaviour can be changed in YWD Designer.

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