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Publishing changes

In order to have changes that you make to a page reflected on the live website, you need to publish the page.

Page status indicatorPage status

Whenever you make changes to a page – for instance, if you reorder it or modify the page properties (e.g. if you are adding a different banner image to it) it will be marked as 'Changed' and a little orange dot status indicator will appear beside it in the YWD back-end. Also, changing any of the content blocks will have the same effect. In the example to the left the 'Contact Us' page has been changed; notice the orange dot.

Another status indicator is the green dot – like in the 'About Us' page in the example. It means that the page has been added to the website but has never been published, so no visitors will see it yet.

In either case, you can see the latest version of the page – including all the unpublished changes – when you preview it in the YWD back-end by clicking on the 'Preview' button.

Regular visitors to the live website however will only see those changes reflected after you have published the page.

Publishing a page

When you publish a page you make all the changes that you've made to it visible to the general public, and not just from the “back-end” preview. It also makes a newly added page availabel on the live website. To publish a page navigate to it in the YWD back-end and then click the 'Publish' button.

Publish button

Taking a page offline

Conversely, if a page has already been published you can take it offline without actually deleting the page in the back-end. To do that click the 'Take offline' button.

Take offline button


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