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Setting up email on an Android

Configuring your new email account(s) on your Android phone

These screenshots were taken on a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.  If you are using a different model of phone powered by the Android OS, there may be slight differences in what you see on your phone.

1. From the main screen, tap Email.

2. Press the Menu button (1), and then tap Settings (2).  

Please note: The Menu button is not part of your screen. It is located below the screen to the left of the Home button.


3.  A list of your existing email accounts will be displayed.  Tap the + button at the top.


4.  Type in your full email address (1) and your password (2), then tap Next (3).


5.  Tap IMAP account

A note to POP3 users: It is possible to use POP3 instead of IMAP.  IMAP is recommended because it will enable you to view all of your email folders on our server.  Regardless of whether you choose POP3 or IMAP, the remaining steps in this tutorial will be identical excluding the port numbers provided in step 7.


6.  The Incoming server settings screen will auto-populate. You will need to manually edit the fields.

Type the following settings:
(1) Username:  The email address should already be filled in using the address you entered earlier.
(2) Password:  The password should already be filled in using the password that you entered earlier.
(3) IMAP server:  mail.hostedemail.com
(4) Scroll down after entering these settings. 


7.  Select None for Security type (1).

The Port number (2) should be 143 (if you are using POP3, the port should be 110).  

Tap Next (3).

Your incoming server settings will be tested.


8.  The Outgoing server settings screen will auto-populate just like the incoming server settings screen did.  Again we'll need to manually edit these fields too.

Enter the following settings:
(1) SMTP server: mail.hostedemail.com
(2) Security type: None
(3) The port number should be 587 or 25
(4) Require sign-in needs to be checked (it is checked by default)
(5) Scroll down after entering these settings.


9.  The username and password will be populated automatically using your incoming mail server settings. 

Tap Next

Your outgoing server settings will be tested.

10.  By default, your phone will check for new email every 15 minutes.  You can tap the mailbox options below for account specific settings.

Tap Next.


11.  Type a name for your email account and your name as you want it to appear on outgoing messages. 

Tap Done.


12.  Your phone will load your messages.  You can now send and receive your email on your phone!

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