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Upgrading your YWD account

Sometimes people start off with our $49 per month package, but over time if they find that their business is growing and they would like to start using more of the built-in tools and features Your Web Department offers, such as the e-commerce. All it takes is a quick email to support@yourwebdepartment.com to get you upgraded to the next appropriate package. Your billing day will stay the same.

Setting up your email accounts

Contact support@yourwebdepartment.com with the list of email addresses you are requiring and we will set them up for you.

If your website name (domain) is being managed by a service other than ours, then you will need to be able to update the 'MX Record' with your domain provider. Please contact your domain registrar about pointing your email MX Record to another provider. We will provide you the technical information you need to make this change.

For more information about setting up email addresses, go to the Email Help Section.

Recommended browsers for editing

On Windows we recommend Firefox 3.6 or superior. IE 8 or superior or Google Chrome may also be used. On Mac OS X, Firefox 3.6, Safari or Chrome.

Working with the Google Suite of applications

Your Web Department offers complete interaction with your favourite Google applications: Analytics, AdSense and Search.

Before intergrating any of the Google apps with YWD, you have to create a Google account in order to use their FREE business solutions.

Each Google tool requires you to copy the code that Google generates for you and then insert the code into the corresponding YWD tool.

Adding images to your pages

In the case of pictures, they need to be uploaded to the YWD system first and then you can add them to your website.

Adding images to a YWD website is a two-step process.

Step 1 – The image must be transferred from your computer to the Assets Manager (the Assets button in the toolbar). You can also upload it directly from the Word Processor while inserting it.

Step 2 – Once an image has been added to the Assets Manager, it can be added to your website as many times as you want, using the Word Processor content type.

Resizing your images

Resizing your images through Your Web Department is quite easy. If you don't have an image editing software like Photoshop, you may use the FREE PicMonkey Image Editing feature that's integrated into YWD, when you're editing any image asset.

Try to resize your image as close to the size that you want it to appear on your website.

Making your website live

Going live (switching over) is the most exciting part of the process. If you registered your domain with us, all you will need to do is press the publish button for any or all of your pages.

If you have just bought a YWD monthly package but wanted to keep and use an existing domain that you own, you will need to go to your domain registrar's DNS management interface and do the following:

Here are the steps required to launch www.nameofsite.com.

Please email the following instructions to the support services of your domain registrar. They will make the changes for you:

  • Confirm that the NameServices are set to the registrar's local nameservers
  • Delete the A Record pointing to an IP address (unless the @ A Record can be pointed to the local IP)
  • Add a C Name alias of your domain (www)
  • Point it to goto.yourwebdepartment.com
 * NOTE: Some systems make this a two-step process whereby you need to create a 'www' C Name and point it togoto.yourwebdepartment.com and additionally create a '@' C Name and also point it to 'goto.yourwebdepartment.com'.
  • Finally, select the Forwarding option and forward "nameofsite.com" to "www.nameofsite.com".

** Please remember to publish any/all pages that are ready to go live **

However, there are instances where the registrar is not capable, able or offers this feature. Your only option is to move your domain to another registrar that does offer this service. Both www.godaddy.com and www.hover.com can get you hooked up with your YWD site. We also offer the option to host your domain with us but it is YWD specific and does not offer the wealth of management tools others do, but it is included with your account.

Why can’t I copy formatting, type styles and links from other documents?

When you copy web formatted text from another site, YWD forces you to paste it into a box which strips out all the formatting. This can be a bit of a nuisance but the idea is that you want to start with clean content and format it in YWD to prevent unusual problems that working with content from other websites or document formats can cause.

So, this is good. What’s bad is that this also happens when you want to copy and paste content from one part of your website to another. YWD cannot discriminate where the html content is coming from so it strips out the formatting.

Why can’t I delete a page?

The most common reason that you can't delete a page is that it probably is a page with sub-pages.

YWD prevents you from deleting pages with subpages so that you don’t accidentally erase an entire section of work. Trust us, this can spell disaster and it is not recoverable.

So, the solution is to delete all sub-pages first and then delete the parent-page. It can be tedious but it's there for your own protection.

In addition, the Home page of your website – the topmost one in the left navigation in the "Edit ste" view – cannot be deleted.

Website doesn’t update when I publish it?

Your Web Department uses multiple servers. To speed up performance, we use something called ‘caching’. This cache has to be updated to include your changes. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes for all of the servers to be updated. Try waiting 20 minutes to see if your website has been updated.

I've added a form to a page and published the page, but the form doesn't show. Why?

Let's say you created or modified a form using the Forms Manager tool, added it as a content block to a page and then published the page. But the form doesn't appear on the live website. Why?

Forms are a special tool in the sense that for optimization reasons they need to be published themselves, in addition to the page to which they're added. So whenever a form is created or you make any changes to it remember to publish the form itself, from the Forms Manager interface, using the 'Publish' button in the toolbar.

I'm clicking the 'Insert Image' icon in the the Word Processor but nothing happens

One explanation could be that the "Asset Browser" popup window for browsing the server is already open somewhere, underneath the current browser window.

If you're using a Mac, you may type Command-~ (press Command and the tilde key, right beneath the "Esc" key, at the same time) to toggle between windows within the browser. On Windows, try the "windows" key + the Tab key. Or try simply dragging the whole browser window: that popup may reveal itself underneath it. If that doesn't work, try closing your main browser window (and any other windows open you may have open in your browser, one by one), until the "Asset Browser" popup window shows up.


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