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Generating the QR code for any page

 April 12, 2013
by Gustavo Jabbaz

QR (Quick Response) codes are becoming increasingly popular. I'm sure you've seen them on bus stops, magazines, "house for sale" signs, etc. When people scan the QR code image using their smartphones, they're taken directly to a web page. YWD already provided a way for clients to generate the QR code for a property in our Real Estate tool. This way they can insert the QR code image into a flyer or sign, so when prospective buyers scan it with their phones, that specific property page loads in their mobile browser without them having to type anything.

But you can now add a "QR code widget" to any page of your YWD website. The new option is found in YWD Designer / Social media & widgets / Other widgets / General purpose. When the little widget is clicked on the live website, it will display a large QR code image which can be saved and then inserted into any printed material for easy scanning.

As an example, visit our online Help website and at the bottom of any page you'll see the little QR code widget, next to the printer-friendly and PDF widgets. Click it and you'll see the QR code for that page.



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