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New navigation options for your mobile website

 March 30, 2013
by Gustavo Jabbaz


New navigation styles are available for the mobile-optimized version of your website in YWD. In addition to the horizontal navigation bar with buttons for the topmost level, you can now have a vertical dropdown menu that slides down when people tap a single button, placed on top of the mobile website's banner. The single button can either be labeled "Menu" or simply display an icon -- 3 short horizontal bars, a common image used by many apps and popular websites like Facebook to indicate menus on mobile devices.

The new styles provide a modern and convenient way for people to navigate your website on their mobile with a single touch, while saving screen real estate at the same time.

You can select the colour of the button as well as the text size of both the "Menu" label in the button (if applicable) and the dropdown menu links. You can also specify the distance of the button from the top of the mobile viewport (shifting it up/down so you can position it exactly where you want above your banner) and even the width of the dropdown menu, which can be handy if you have long page names.

More menu styles for mobile to follow.



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