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Form fields with just placeholders and no labels

 May 19, 2017
by Flavio Mester

Websites built on our latest framework now allow you to create forms with our Forms Manager app in which the labels of text fields are hidden, and just placeholders show inside them. This can be useful if you’re trying to reduce the height of the form. It also lets you achieve a style similar to Google Material Design’s.

To do that, simply leave the Label for the text input field when adding it to the form, and instead type it in the Placeholder. Here’s an example of a form created this way:

A form example


Flavio Mester

Flavio Mester is a graphic designer as well as a systems analyst (in a distant life he was an architect). A founding partner of Your Web Department, he's responsible for the design and development of all the YWD website management platform interfaces.
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